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In most cases I'm a patient and tolerant person. Once you get to know me, I'm easy to get along with, occasionally complex, but not very often. My patience and tolerance has pretty much gone out the window in the last week or so. It all stems from two technologies: Ruby On Rails (RoR) and AJAX. Now let's be fair, no one really gave a garbage-collected object about AJAX until those boffins at Google brought us the "suggest" and maps utilities (this is what happens when you give programmers spare time; they come up with good stuff). What followed were Web sites, APIs, tutorials, and more applications than you can shake a stick at. JavaScript used to be a dirty word among Java programmers a number of years ago. At one point you may as well have called JavaBlogs JavaScriptBlogs. We used to laugh, have secretly coded words when talking among JavaScript programmers, just ... (more)

Rational XDE by Rational Software Corporation

Over the past few years the integrated development environment has raged on. For years I've used a text editor and a build tool to create my Java software; I used no set processes or design methods. The integration of UML modeling and Java coding makes obvious sense to a software designer, but a programmer like me has to ask, can XDE mentor me and make me think differently about the way I design software? XDE stands for extended development environment; installation is a straightforward matter, as is installation of software on most Windows systems, but it only runs on Windows 2... (more)

Building the Social Network

Whether you like it or not, you're part of the Java community. Just by reading this publication you're declaring that you're a part of the Java way of life, maybe not by choice but you're still here. We have a network of developers all programming in the same language; there are many aspects to this language, but they all share a common thread. Fun, isn't it? One of my little side projects is occasionally contributing to the FOAF community. FOAF (Friend-of-a-Friend) is RDF-based metadata regarding who you know and what you know about them. It builds into a handy RDF/XML-based file... (more)


The JavaOne conference passed me by this year, as did the previous seven. I never get the time to attend these things since I'm in the UK and it's a long journey. So I sat back in my big developer's chair and watched the Java world pass by like Weblogs in the night. One of the hot blogging topics covered was, of all things, Christina Aguilera. More to the point, you could access vital Christina information via mobile technology. From a Java technology perspective, Sun hit the nail right on the mobile device head. From where I sat developers got the java.com site all wrong; here'... (more)

Job Discernment

Those of you kind enough to read my editorials for JDJ would have noticed that I started a new job. A fresh start, a new year, a colossal waste of my time it turned out. Startup companies can be odd to work for sometimes and you have to read between the lines when it comes to statements from directors and shareholders. To cut a short story shorter than the original, I was laid off after four weeks and given the excuse that my math was not at PhD level, which is interesting as it was never mentioned during the five hours of interviews and pair programming exercises. In the UK if y... (more)